The deadline for Ration Card KYC is September 30th, after which names will be removed from the list

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Ration distribution errors and ensuring that the right beneficiaries receive the ration are being addressed. For this, the government is prioritizing Aadhaar card seeding in ration cards. The deadline for this process is set for September 30. The Bihar state government has given an ultimatum to all beneficiaries taking ration under the ration card system to complete the KYC process before the deadline. The deadline for completing the KYC process has been extended to September 30, providing convenience to those who have not yet completed the KYC process under the ration card system. Initially, this deadline was June 30, 2024, but it has been extended by three months.

Why KYC is necessary

Completing the KYC process under the ration card system is essential. It is mandatory to link the Aadhaar cards of all members associated with the ration card. The government periodically issues updates regarding this. This can help prevent errors in ration distribution. Additionally, it ensures that the facilities provided under the ration card are received by the beneficiaries only.

What happens if KYC is completed

If the Aadhaar card KYC is not completed for the ration card, the benefits under the ration card system may be stopped. The names of the beneficiaries can be removed from the list. Therefore, it is crucial to complete the KYC process before the deadline. All members associated with the ration card must have their Aadhaar KYC done. If any member does not complete the KYC, their name can be removed from the beneficiary list.

How to complete KYC

Ration cardholders can update their KYC process at their nearest ration distribution depot. The KYC process can be completed for free using the EPOS machine available there. The government has also directed all ration depots to complete the KYC process. Any ration cardholder can complete the KYC process for free. Ration cardholders who are outside Bihar (excluding Union Territories, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttarakhand, UP, and West Bengal) can complete their eKYC by visiting the nearest public distribution system dealer in the state they are in.

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